Affiliate program

Create your passive income now in few clicks using our new affiliate program!

Affiliate program is a great way to create income for active social media users and everyone else. It is as simple as it gets, just get your affiliate link and earn from every purchase made through it.

Our affiliate program supports 3 levels of percentage distribution, that means you as an active affiliate can earn from people you’ve invited to be affiliates as well as from those that have been invited by them.

But we are flexible and open to expanding your network of affiliates to even more levels if you are capable of accomplishing certain number of affiliates where you become a Premium Affiliate.


Here is how to start:

  1. Head over to “Affiliate” page, click “Sign up” and create your affiliate account.
  2. There head to “Marketing” -> “Affiliate Links” where you will find your own personal affiliate link.
  3. Publish your affiliate link on social media, send to your friends or clients, or invite others to be affiliates.
  4. Earn from every purchase created through your and your friends affiliate link.


If you are interested and think this is for you, feel free to contact us at for more details!

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